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Puisi Galau Bahasa Inggris By Prawesthi II

Puisi Galau Bahasa Inggris By Prawesthi II - Galau merupakan hal yang lumrah, buat yg galau ngak ada salahnya mencurahkan dengan membuat puisi galau bahasa inggris. Ini share buat puisi galau dengan bahasa Inggris...

Puisi Galau Bahasa Inggris By Prawesthi II

Being Adult

When someone asks “what are you afraid of?”
People would look for many answer “poor, lonely, broken heart...”
But if it’s me,I would simply said “being adult”
Not that I’m afraid of the wrinkles would be in my face
Or the years that become less and getting closer to death
But I’m afraid of being an adult despite of the time I being a child would be end soon
Being an innocent kid who say based on the truth she saw
Even the adults would say she’s lying
Being a kid who smile and laughing freely based on what she thinks it’s interresting
Not like adults who had fake smile on their face to deceive the children
Being a kid who dream about wonderful fantasies
Though the adults would tell not to dream to much and become realistic
Being a kid who walks freely to the place she wants
Although adults would force her to walk in certain path the adults decide
I’m afraid...
Really afraid...
I don’t want to be an adult
I always love being a child
A child who always free to think and do whatever she wants



I feel proud of beautiful rose
I adore it so much
It’s beautiful, interesting, elegant
Its fragrance, bring you the vision of love, passion
But it isn’t the part I adore most

I adore the thorn most....
It covered the rose all but the petals
It protects the rose well
As if, avoid people to touch it
To take it, to damage it

I wanna be the rose...


It's so complicated, nantikan edisi selanjutnya ya di Kumpulan puisi galau bahasa inggris. Puisi galau jilid selanjutnya by prawesthi...


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