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Puisi Galau Bahasa Inggris By Prawesthi

Puisi Galau Bahasa Inggris By Prawesthi - Galau merupakan hal yang lumrah, buat yg galau ngak ada salahnya mencurahkan dengan membuat puisi galau bahasa inggris.. Ini share buat puisi galau dengan bahasa Inggris.

Puisi Galau Bahasa Inggris By Prawesthi

When Your Fingers Speaking

When mouth can’t even bear to speak how your heart’s feeling
When tears are meant nothing for people to see
Your fingers can dance awkwardly, timidly, unrhythmatically but slowly create a beautiful but fragile heart’s speech called poem

I’m the one who foolish enough to run in this crowded world with lots of people gave me grossy gift called a fake smile
Fake friends, fake besfriend, fake love, fake life
Maybe it’s a fake world which never exist before
All the sincerity meant nothing afterall
When your heart beating as the lies passed by

When you’re fall into a dark deep hole called a betrayal and trying to reach a tiny rope called a fake hope
When you’re alone in your zone, overprotect yourself with all the negation
Can you bear the fact?
Even if you can, can you go on your fake smile?

When you have people around you vague all around
As if they’re exist in your life, joking, laughing
But as if they’re not exist when you badly need a thing called human to respond your heavy burden inside your chest to be spoken

Or maybe you’re just a tiny dust grasped by the little hand
So light and easy to drift
You’ve a vague existence around them
Easy come, easy go

You don’t need unsincerity
You don’t need a fake smile
You don’t even need unhearty care
All you need are humans with all their sincerity,
Warm you with their sweet snack called a hearty smile
When suddenly you feel secure in their comfort arms to cry on, to lean on
When you don’t even need to say that “I don’t have any friend” when you don’t have someone to share

All the things come and go by
With the memories became so dim and slowly dissapeared
You can go on to keep your deepest secret shared to your ownself
Act as if there’s nothing bothered you and cheerfully smile and saying all the good things about this life
Because life is undefineable.........

It's so complicated, nantikan edisi selanjutnya ya gan di Kumpulan puisi galau bahasa inggris. Puisi galau jilid selanjutnya


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